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MEMBER ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Member hereby acknowledges being 16 years of age or older and by submitting this online agreement hereby acknowledges and agrees that the Member has read and completely understood this entire Agreement and the Membership Registration Terms which are identified and set out below.

MEMBER REGISTRTION FEES: The Member shall pay to PUDO an Annual Membership Fee of $0.00.

AUTHORIZATION TO PUDO AND MEMBER ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF HANDLING AND STORAGE COSTS: The Member hereby authorizes PUDO to accept delivery of incoming courier package shipments addressed to the Member from Authorized Couriers as part of the PUDO Handling Program. The member hereby acknowledges that PUDO will hold the shipment for a period of FIVE BUSINESS DAYS. – PUDO defines Five Business Days as the day of receipt plus and including the end of the following business day. (Weekends and statutory holidays are not considered business days)

The member further acknowledges that:

a. PUDO will levy a storage/holding cost per shipment

b. Any one shipment cannot exceed 30 lbs and unless arrangements are made by the Member with PUDO, PUDO reserves the right to refuse the receipt of any Member shipment exceeding 30 lbs.

c. Additional per day storage/holding costs will be applied commencing from the start of Business Day SIX and

d. Unless arrangements are made by the Member with PUDO, PUDO will hold the shipment for a maximum of TEN Business days.

RESTRICTIONS AND PROHIBITIONS: The Member acknowledges that the PUDO Handling Program is only available for incoming shipments delivered through nationally recognized and/or specifically authorized courier companies. For an up to date list of the recognized and authorized courier companies, the Member must refer to the PUDO website. PUDO reserves the right to amend this list from time to time. In addition, PUDO maintains prohibitions and restrictions on all courier package deliveries, both incoming and outgoing, which are identified and set out on the PUDO website. The Member acknowledges having visited the PUDO website and read and completely understood the contents of the List of Authorized Couriers, General Terms and Conditions and the Prohibited and Restricted Shipments Schedule and hereby acknowledges that PUDO reserves the right to refuse any package that PUDO knows or believes on reasonable grounds may breach the Prohibited and Restricted Packages Schedule. NOTIFICATION OF PACKAGE ARRIVAL: The Member hereby instructs and directs PUDO and its employees or authorized outlets to notify the Member of all courier package arrivals. The member fully understands and acknowledges that the notification shall be sent electronically to the member email address as entered and shown on this Agreement.

The Member hereby releases and discharges PUDO for any liability or responsibility for

a. Any interception of the Notification by third parties;

b. Breaches of privacy or confidentiality that my arise from the Notification being intercepted or received by third parties;

c. Failure for any reason whatsoever of the Member to receive the Notification; and

d. Inability of PUDO to communicate the Notification for any reason whatsoever to the Member

AUTHORIZED PICK-UP AGENTS: The Member may designate up to but not more than two Authorized Pick-Up Agents to pick-up courier packages delivered to PUDO addressed to the Member. Such Authorized Pick-Up Agents must reside at the Members address shown on this Agreement and must provide photo identification that clearly identifies the Members address for each and every pick-up attendance. PUDO reserves the right to deny the release of any courier package without the presentation of valid photo identification. PUDO denies any liability for lost or stolen courier packages.

CANCELLATION OF MEMBERSHIP: The Member hereby acknowledges that the PUDO Handling Program is intended to be a courtesy and convenience program for PUDO Customers and is not intended to be a commercial drop off or shipping and receiving location. Consequently, PUDO reserves the right at its sole and unfettered discretion to cancel this Membership and the inclusion of this member in the PUDO Handling Program if, in the sole opinion of PUDO, the Member's incoming volumes exceed the reasonable courtesy and convenience volumes contemplated by PUDO. In such an event however, PUDO may assist the customer in setting out storage and holding fee to be negotiated between PUDO and the customer.