PUDO drives revenue & traffic for our partners

Discover PUDO Partner benefits

Worldwide shipping & receiving as close as your local corner store

Increase traffic to your store

As a business owner and a PUDO - authorized Partner, you now have the opportunity to offer your goods and services to local community members who may not otherwise come into your shop. As a result, PUDO drives foot traffic to your store, increases your sales, and gives you an opportunity to make new relationships with your community.

Get paid for every shipment pick-up or drop off

Leveraging your store location to derive new revenue has never been easier. Becoming a PUDO Partner lets you earn a fee for every parcel that is dropped off or sent from your PUDO-authorized location.

The math is easy. As more PUDO members in your area join the network, then this translates into increased parcel deliveries and shipments to your store, for which you will be paid a fee. In addition, there is the potential for additional revenue through point-of-purchase based on increased foot traffic.

Become part of the growing PUDO Partner network

As a PUDO dealer you become part of an international network that is already made up of thousands of dealers across Canada and the United States... and growing.

Your address becomes the Pick-Up and Drop-Off point for PUDO members local to you. Your store address becomes their address!

PUDO also supplies you with technology to coordinate shipments, and provides you with training to ensure consistent service standards are met.

How to become a PUDO Point?

Super simple. Click here to provide us with some of your details, or give us a shout at 1 (844) 300-8533.

We’ll answer your questions and get you up and running.