Frequently Asked Questions

  • How would I use a PUDO address to receive my package?

    Once registered, you will be assigned a unique membership number. Your membership number is important and is needed to be shown as part of your delivery address.

    Go to our Locations Tab to search and select your preferred delivery address.

    Once you've selected your preferred delivery address, you can then provide your PUDO shipping address details to anyone sending you an envelope or package via courier. When shopping online, simply enter the PUDO address details during the check-out process.

    Your unique membership number needs to be shown as part of your delivery address. Please don’t forget to include it. If you ever do forget, not to worry! As a registered member, we are able to locate you by your name.

    Here's an example of what your address details should look like when we receive your shipment:

    Your First and Last name

    PUDO 1234567 (Your Membership Number)
    123 Any Street
    Province/State  (Your preferred PUDO 'Ship To' address)
    Postal Code/ Zip Code

    That's it! Once we receive your shipment, you will be instantly emailed with confirmation that your shipment has arrived and is available for you to pick up at YOUR convenience.

  • What is a PUDO Point?

    A PUDO Point is a convenience store usually within minutes of your location that will accept your shipments for you and be there when you are ready to pick them up.

  • How Does PUDO Secure Me?

    When you use a PUDO Point for your shipment pick-ups, no one will ever know where you live.  You never need to worry about anyone checking out your home, knocking on your door, or disrupting other family members.  Experience all of the security that PUDO offers by having your shipments dropped off and picked up at your local PUDO point. 

  • Why would you pay for this service?

    Although our post office provides us with convenient pick up locations for shipments handled by Canada Post, similar locations catering to courier deliveries are few. If you lead a busy or active lifestyle or simply would prefer the security of not having any member of your household open the door to a stranger, the PUDO Hold For Pick-Up service and the convenience it provides allows you the freedom to get on with your life on your terms.

  • Why does PUDO apply fees?

    Convenience is the simple answer. We don't believe in monthly or annual fees similar to mailbox rentals, nor do we believe that unmanned pick up locations - with the logistical problems they present - are the answer. We believe that a human presence is necessary in order to provide a secure and trustworthy pick-up service.

    PUDO takes pride in situating our locations inside established local independent retail businesses run by people who work hard to serve their communities and neighbourhoods. The PUDO Hold For Pick-Up service not only services you but also helps to support local businesses.

  • What is the cost of using the pay-as-you-go PUDO Hold for Pick-Up service?

    Our pay-as-you-go plan operates on set fees and is based on the weight of your shipment. The set fees are applied on personal/business courier deliveries and on any online purchase made with any non-affiliated PUDO retailers. (Our affiliated online retailers can be found by going to our Online Shopping tab)

    Fees are as follows:

    $3.00 for any one shipment weighing up to 10 lbs

    $5.00 for any one shipment weighing from 10 lbs up to a maximum of 30 lbs

    * Your package will be held for 5 business days.

    * Please note that additional fees of $1.00 per day will be charged starting from the sixth business day and unless arrangements are made directly with your local PUDO outlet, your shipment will be moved to our holding facility after the tenth business day.

    * Shipments over 30 lbs are not a part of our regular service offering. If you wish to have a shipment weighing over 30 lbs delivered to a PUDO address, arrangements and costs must be made directly with your PUDO outlet. Feel free to drop in to your local PUDO outlet and speak with the owner or manager. If it's a reasonable request, they will be more than happy to help you.

  • Once registered, am I only able to use ONE PUDO 'Ship To' address?

    NO! Registered members can use ANY PUDO outlet they wish as their 'Ship To' address at any time. This allows more freedom to pick up shipments anywhere, even if travelling on business or pleasure. As long as you're a registered member, we know who you are so we'll be there for you.

Retail Council and PUDO Program Discount FAQs

  • Who is PUDO?

    PUDO is North America’s first parcel pick-up drop-off network with 1,000+ registered Canadian locations nationwide. PUDO points are:

    • Convenience Stores
    • Gas Stations with C-Stores
    • Parcel Ship & Pack Stores
    • Partner courier locations
    • Open 7 days 7a–11p or 24 hours

  • Why is the Retail Council of Canada partnering with PUDO?

    PUDO and the RCC are partnering to help improve the bottom line for member retailers and deliver a better customer experience by lowering ecommerce shipping costs for members and their customers.

  • What discounts on shipping are available to Retail Council of Canada Members and their customers?

    For Customers offering Free Returns:
    RCC members receive a 30% discount on their current shipping fees when customers return purchases at any one of the 1,000+ PUDOpoints across Canada.

    For Customers offering Customer Paid Returns:
    RCC member customers will pay up to 30% below standard delivery rates when they return purchases at any one of 1,000+ PUDOpoints across Canada.

  • How do Retail Council of Canada Member Retailers Sign Up?

    RCC Members can register for PUDO returns program online here. PUDO will then contact you directly to discuss your integration options.

    If you are not ready to register but still have questions send PUDO an email at

  • Is a there a commitment required from RCC Members to take advantage of the member discount?

    No. RCC Members can cancel at anytime. Plus, if there is an area in Canada with high returns not currently covered by PUDO’s 1,000+ locations PUDO can quickly add a new PUDOpoint to service those customers.

  • How long has PUDO been operating in Canada?

    PUDO has been operating in Canada for four years primarily as an alternative drop off destination for national couriers. PUDO handles thousands of parcels every month. It has sophisticated package tracking and notification technology and is building out a North American wide network.

  • How do I look up PUDOpoints in my area?

    PUDO has a location lookup tool online listing the closest locations to an address or postal code. With over 1,000 Canadian locations chances are you will have plenty to choose from.

  • What are my website integrations options?

    PUDO will contact you directly to discuss your integration options. But they are as simple as adding a link to your website or a deeper integration using the PUDO Fuse API.